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Promotional Tools

New PPS Landing Pages
Affiliate Banners and Link Codes
Enter (Get Links/Banners) if you would like to get link codes or download banners for any of the Adult Date Link sites. In this section you can choose standard banners or any of our many unique sized banners. Or, if you just need your links codes you can grab them as well. Simply click the link, choose the site(s) you want to promote and grab your codes and banners.

Traditionally most affiliate programs require you to send a surfer directly to their site through a banner or text link. With the Date Link POST JOIN API you may customize your own pages and collect your own data on the front end while posting it to us on the backend. The basic information you post to us will generate a confirmation email sent to the surfer to get them going right away in finishing off the remainder of the profile. This system basically allows you to collect data and monetize it all while never having to send your surfer away from your site.

Geo-IP Tools
In this section we feature Geo-IP Tools such as:

Geo IP City Sites – This is a unique idea that combines the effectiveness of two great ideas: Geo targeting with a custom local site. Here is how it works - We look up the IP of the surfer and then display a site that matches their city – or the closest city to them. You can choose between an Adult Date Link City Site or a Married Date Link City Site. Geo-IP City Sites is a great converting tool.

Geo IP Member’s Profile Banner Tool – This is a great tool to use on just about any type of site. With this tool you can display a number of different Adult Date Link member profiles on your site. When a surfer sees a member they are interested in and clicks on their profile (located on your site) that user is tracked to our site via your link. This tool is especially effective because we have combined the Geo targeting lookup so that the user is viewing profiles from members in their area. In addition, what is unique about ADL’s tool is that it works for all of our niches. The tool is customizable and works great with:
• Video Sites
• TGP’s
• Search Engine Feeder Pages
• Review Sites
• Blogs

Geo-IP Search Page – This tool allows you to send a surfer to page that lists the member results for his geographic area. This is a great tool as it gives the user an example of what he/she is going to find when they actually use the ADL site that you are promoting.

Geo-IP Banners – If you want to display a standard Geo-IP banner that shows the surfer information related to their geographic area this is a great option.

Geo-IP Instant Messenger Tool – This is the first Geo-IP Instant Messenger tool that actually uses real profiles of members. When you load this on your page users will only be shown real members in their area. This works great!

Hosted Galleries
If you would like to use one of our hosted galleries enter here. We have many to choose from in a number of different niches.

Hosted Videos
If you would like to use one of our hosted videos enter here. We have a variety of videos to use in your marketing.

Registration Page Promotion
If you would like to send directly to a registration page simply add the following code to ANY of your links: