Terms & Conditions

I. Parties
This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to your participation as a member of the AdultDateLink Affiliate Program (the "Program") operated by Date Link Networks, LLC (hereinafter, "Company," "we" or "us). As used in this Agreement, "you" or "your" means the applicant/participating member.

II. Rules

III. Prohibited Countries
We do not accept any affiliates from the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kaliningrad, Kazakhstan, Korea (North and South), Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Yugoslavia.

If you reside in one of these countries and would like to promote our program, please register as an affiliate and then email affiliates@adultdatelink.com with your affiliate info and a link to your website.

We also prohibit traffic from a list of banned countries to both our PPC and PPE program. Please contact affiliates@adultdatelink.com if you have additional questions.

IV. Commissions
Revshare affiliates will be paid 50% of all sales that you generate through your affiliate link for as long as the referred sale keeps recurring at the site.

Pay per signup affiliates will be paid a one time fee of $50 whenever a free member referred by your site upgrades to a paid membership.

Pay per click affiliates will be paid per qualified click according to the following pay schedule:

Free join to hits ratio Per Click Payout
<1:2 $1.00
<1:3 $0.60
<1:4 $0.46
<1:5 $0.35
<1:6 $0.30
<1:7 $0.25
<1:8 $0.21
<1:10 $0.17
<1:12 $0.14
<1:15 $0.11
<1:20 $0.085
<1:25 $0.07
<1:30 $0.06
<1:50 $0.035
<1:60 $0.025
<1:80 $0.020
<1:100 $0.015
<1:150 $0.01
1:150+ $0.00001

Pay per email affiliates will be paid $2 per completed free profile and a bonus according to the following schedule:

Paid join to free ratio Bonus Per Free Join
<1:3 $8
<1:6 $5
<1:11 $2
<1:16 $1
1:16+ $0

Pay is based on the ratio of paid signups generated from completed free profiles.

We reserve the right to convert pay-per-click and pay-per-email affiliates to the revshare or pay per signup program retroactively in the event that the traffic is not converting at a reasonable level.

Adult Date Link has a 3-tier webmaster referral program that pays you commission on sales generated by an affiliate that you refer. For any affiliate that you directly refer, you will be paid 10% of the commission that is earned by that affiliate. For any affiliate that affiliates referred by you send to the program, you will receive 4% of any commissions they generate. Webmaster referral earned money will be paid out as normal with the standard payouts listed below.

V. Payouts
Payments are sent out twice each month on the 11th and the 26th or first business day thereafter for the previous half month earnings. Pay periods are 1st of month through 15th earnings paid out on the 26th of the same month and 16th through end of month earnings paid out on the 11th of the next month as long as they exceed $25 for the pay period which is only 3 sales for revshare affiliates or 1 sale for pay per signup if you are located in the US or Canada. Webmasters residing in other countries will have their checks mailed out on the same schedule as long as they exceed $100. All unpaid earnings will be rolled into the next check until the minimum payout is met.

All funds are paid out in US Dollars.